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Karen Ravitz educating Coalition speaker Amelia Booth, CBIC competitive bidding contractor on NPWT at SAWC spring; Marcia Nusgart and Karen Ravitz; Marcia Nusgart speaking at the World Union of Wound Healing Societies (2008)

History of Nusgart Consulting and Introduction

Nusgart Consulting LLC was founded in 1998 by Marcia Nusgart, R.Ph. Ms. Nusgart previously served as Vice President, Home Care for the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed). During that period, Ms. Nusgart focused on establishing programs to address the coding, coverage and reimbursement requirements for Home Care Medical Device Manufacturers. As the dynamics of coding, coverage and reimbursement expanded, it became clear that broader services were required to meet the challenges medical device companies are facing in today's cost containment healthcare environment. Thus, Nusgart Consulting LLC was created to meet those needs.

Nusgart Consulting LLC first focused its lobbying efforts by establishing four product-specific medical device coalitions: Coalition of Wound Care Manufacturers, Coalition of Wheelchair Seating Manufacturers, Coalition of Enteral Nutrition Manufacturers and Coalition of Respiratory Care Manufacturers, with Marcia Nusgart serving as the Executive Director of each Coalition. Having established coalitions for each of the specific domains, Nusgart Consulting LLC has a proven track record with regulatory bodies in successfully obtaining appropriate coding, coverage and reimbursement for medical devices under all payers.

Recognizing that legislators and regulators appreciate one voice speaking for an industry, the Coalition of Wound Care Manufacturers under the guidance of Marcia Nusgart, aligned itself with clinical associations to create the Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders, a consortium of 19 physician, clinical, provider, patient and manufacturer organizations in 2002 to address regulatory and legislative issues impacting wound care. Its mission is to promote quality care and patient access to wound care products and services. Marcia Nusgart currently serves as its Executive Director.

Nusgart Consulting LLC expanded its services by including consulting services to address specific client's needs regarding payer coding, coverage and reimbursement for medical devices. By meeting customer requirements to ensure appropriate reimbursement, companies have been able to achieve faster time to get their product to market, thus making the devices available to patients on a timely basis.

Nusgart Consulting has successfully aligned regulatory agencies, clinical, physician and patient associations in order to achieve mutual goals, in a respected and professional environment. By establishing trusted working relationships, Nusgart Consulting has become "added value" in the product delivery and reimbursement arena.

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