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Dr. Samuel R. Nussbaum, former Chief Medical Officer of Anthem, speaks with Deanna Eaves, Coalition co-chair and Marcia Nusgart before presenting at the Coalition’s 2016 strategic planning meeting; Coalition of Wound Care Manufacturer members at its 2016 strategic planning meeting; Amy Bassano, Director of the Patient Care Models Group in CMS’ Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) with Coalition co-chairs Deanna Eaves and Randall Carson and Executive Director Marcia Nusgart at the Coalition’s 2016 meeting; Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute (PCORI) staff Greg Martin at 2015 Coalition meeting; CMS Director Dr. James Rollins at 2015 Coalition meeting.

Benefits of Membership & Services Provided

Membership provides the ability to identify, strategize, and take action on regulatory and legislative issues using the collective power of the Coalitions. Legislators and regulators prefer working with coalitions, rather than many individual companies, especially when the issues are similar. Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Has Executive Director who possesses technical expertise and historical knowledge of wound care issues combined with the manufacturer’s perspective to champion positive changes that will benefit the industry. Executive Director also has strong long term federal and state regulatory and legislative contacts along with respect and recognition for clinical, physician and patient organizations which translates into important access to them.

  • Sole organization that focuses on wound care manufacturers’ products and issues. For example, federal and state regulatory and legislative issues impacting wound care manufacturers with respect to Medicare and Medicaid coding, coverage and payment issues and uses its collective power to effect positive change in the wound care industry.

  • Communicates frequently with federal and state policymakers regarding industry positions and needs when policy is in its formative stage in order to merge proposed or final policies that are adverse to manufacturers with wound care products.
  • Monitors and analyzes issues affecting coverage, coding and reimbursement impacting members’ products and alerts members on when to take action on them.
  • Initiates and participates in meeting with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) senior level staff, their contractors Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractor (DMEMAC) Medical Directors, Pricing Data Analysis Contractor (PDAC) to solve coverage, coding and payment issues that adversely impact the Coalition’s members and their customers. Members are given the opportunity to participate in these high level meetings.
  • Provides members with access to key policy decision makers to solve their own and their customers’ specific regulatory problems (e.g. CMS staff, A/B MAC and DMEMAC Medical Directors)
  • Serves as resource to members in order to answer specific policy questions immediately and provide critical information impacting members’ products (providing updates, attending meetings, alerting members when to take action on issues.)
  • Obtains information from federal and state policymakers on behalf of certain members without providing any risk to company in identifying themselves to agencies.
  • Provides members with access to key wound care opinion leaders to advance members’ role as a leader in wound care.
  • Attends and informs members about policy conferences and regulatory educational opportunities for them to attend that will impact their products.

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