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Marcia Nusgart consulting with clients in Israel and the United States

Consulting Overview

Comprehensive reimbursement strategic planning and implementation for a new or existing medical device or drug is a key element to its success. Medical device or drug manufacturers may not have the in-house expertise to navigate their product through the processes that govern coding, coverage and reimbursement. They find that these processes have become extremely complex, in part, because each element has its own set of regulations that are lengthy, confusing, difficult to find and ever-changing.

Navigating the path to appropriate Medicare and Medicaid coding, coverage and reimbursement is our business at Nusgart Consulting LLC. These are three distinct processes for which we have a proven track record of success since we understand their political nuances as well as have access to decision-makers within the Agencies. We also possess a vast technical and historical knowledge base of durable medical equipment prosthetic and orthotic supplies (DMEPOS) combined with the manufacturers' perspective.

Based on our expertise and contacts, we provide:

  • Hands-on assistance to companies throughout the product development lifecycle on appropriate coding, coverage and reimbursement strategies for new or already existing medical devices or drugs, and

  • Educational programs for companies on issues regarding coding, coverage and reimbursement issues.

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