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Marcia Nusgart consulting with clients in Israel and the United States


Medical devices and drugs can be covered by Medicare either on a local or national basis. We possess expertise on both Medicare local and national coverage issues. We advise our clients on existing policies and, if none exist, plan and execute strategy to develop a new one.

For new or already existing medical devices or drugs, we will perform the following coverage activities:

  • We will assess whether the device or drug is included in an already existing coverage policy that meets the needs of the company or product or whether it needs a new one.
  • If a new or revised coverage policy is needed, we will work with you to determine the strategy, timeline, and activities to obtain a new or revised coverage policy. Some of our considerations include whether the policy will be national or local and which clinical organizations should be invited to support your views. We will also make you aware of obstacles that could arrise in the process of obtaining appropriate coverage.

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