Our coding services include:


Determining HCPCS coding strategy

New HCPCS code application process

If we determine that a new code is warranted, we work with you to complete the HCPCS code application with compelling arguments that will maximize the likelihood of a new code being given. This includes working with the appropriate clinical experts if needed to support the application. We take you through the entire HCPCS coding cycle:

  • determining coding strategy
  • determining the clinical evidence and data strategy to support a successful coding application, as the outcome of coding requests often depends on the quality of the clinical evidence provided
  • creating and submitting a new HCPCS code application
  • alerting you when the preliminary coding decisions are posted on the CMS website
  • planning and implementing a strategy for your presentation at HCPCS public meetings, which may include creating the presentation and attending the meeting
  • determining whether to request to meet separately with CMS staff
  • alerting you when the final coding decisions are released by CMS


HCPCS coding verification process

If a new code is not required and an existing code is more appropriate for your product, we work with you to prepare and submit a code verification application to the Medicare Pricing Data Analysis and Coding Contractor (PDAC).
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