Nusgart Consulting LLC is a Washington D.C.-based firm of reimbursement policy experts in the coding, coverage and payment arena. We guide manufacturers in the biologicals, medical device, durable medical equipment, home care and wound care space through Medicare and Medicaid coding, coverage and payment processes. Our approach to reimbursement strategy for new and existing products is informed by decades of combined experience. Our work enhances your opportunities for market success.

Our Story

Nusgart Consulting was founded in 1998 by Marcia Nusgart, R.Ph.  Marcia previously served as Vice President, Home Care for the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed). During that period, Marcia focused on establishing programs to address the coding, coverage and reimbursement requirements for home care medical device manufacturers. As the dynamics of coding, coverage, and reimbursement expanded, it became clear that broader services were required to meet the challenges medical device companies are facing in today's cost containment healthcare environment. Nusgart Consulting was created to meet those needs.

Nusgart Consulting quickly distinguished itself via a focus on advocacy efforts to convene, establish and lead four product-specific medical device coalitions: Coalition of Wound Care Manufacturers, Coalition of Wheelchair Seating Manufacturers, Coalition of Enteral Nutrition Manufacturers and Coalition of Respiratory Care Manufacturers. By combining efforts through a single collective voice, coalitions can greatly enhance the ability of manufacturers, clinicians, providers, physicians, and patients to achieve shared goals, build credibility and open doors to regulators and policy-makers that often don’t exist for individual organizations. Bringing aligned stakeholders together around common issues – and identifying opportunities to bring the provider and patient voice to reimbursement policy issues – remains a strength of Marcia Nusgart herself, and Nusgart Consulting, today.

With the unique industry insights and perspective stemming from coalition leadership and management, Nusgart Consulting expanded and bolstered its consulting services, building a team of reimbursement experts to address specific company’s needs regarding payer coding, coverage and payment, with a unique focus on medical devices and biologics (cellular and/or tissue-based products for skin wounds, also known as CTPs or “skin substitutes”)  in the wound care space and home care space. Learn more about our specific areas of expertise

Nusgart Consulting has built successful reimbursement strategies for 30+ years. We enable our clients to meet customer requirements to ensure appropriate reimbursement. We partner with our clients to effectively navigate Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payer coding, coverage, and payment issues and achieve faster times to get products to market. Reach out and learn how we can help you.
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